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Korean Journal of Epidemiology 2004;26(2): 71-80.
Incidence of complication and societal cost of measles in Korea, 2000.
Weon Young Lee, Moran Ki, Jin Kyoung Oh, Jong Koo Lee, Myung Bin Kim, Bo Youl Choi
1Department of Preventive Medicine, Chungang UniversityCollege of Medicine, Korea.
2Department of Preventive Medicine, Eulji University Schoolof Medicine, Korea. kimoran@eulji.ac.kr
3National Cancer Center, Korea.
4Ministry of Health and Welfare, Korea.
5Kim Myung Bin Clinic, Korea.
6Department of Preventive Medicine, Hanyang UniversityCollege of Medicine, Korea.
To estimate the complication rate and the societal cost of measles, a survey was conducted in Seoul, Jeonju city, and Kyonggi province in 2001.
A telephone survey was conducted in Jeonju city (175/307) and four local areas of Kyonggi province (793/1,238) to gather information on the complications of measles. To estimate societal cost, the telephone survey was conducted for the sampled subject by complication type and the age group. The response rate was 78% (180/230). Paid bills were examined for direct cost estimation, and the time cost and the transportation expense were analyzed for indirect cost estimation.
The incidence of a complication of measles was 3.1% which found to be higher in younger age group. The incidence of pneumonia, otitis media, and encephalitis were 2.1%, 0.8%, and 0.2% respectively. Direct and indirect costs of in-patients without a complication were $417.00 (US $1.00 = 1,000 won) and $256.00 per case, respectively, and the out-patients who have no complication were $54.00 and $65.00, respectively. The average cost for a patient with measles without complication was $119.00 as the result. The societal cost of encephalitis was high as $6,660. Estimated total societal cost of measles ranges from $14 million to $69 million in the year 2000.
Complication rate of measles was fairly low compared to foreign countries. The lower rate could result from the difference in vaccination rate and the age distribution of the measles patients. The cost of measles without complication was not high. However, the cost for the complication and the total disease burden caused by measles shown to be high in the year 2000.
Keywords: Measles; Complications; Cost of illness


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