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Principles of transparency and best practice of scholarly publishing 4th version

Posted on February 14, 2024

Sixteen check list of compliance of the journal to the Principles of Transparency and Best Practice in Scholarly Publishing version 4.0 published September 15, 2022 (joint statement by Committee on Publication Ethics [COPE], Directory of Open Access Journals [DOAJ], the Open Access Scholarly Publishing Association [OASPA], and the World Association of Medical Editors [WAME]; is as follows:

No. Topics Contents
1 Name of journal The official journal title is Epidemiology and Health. Abbreviated title is Epidemiol Health.
2 Website The URL of the official journal website is
· Aims & scope statement:
· Types of manuscripts:
· Authorship criteria:
· eISSN: 2092-7193
3 Publishing schedule Epidemiology and Health publishes a manuscript immediately after acceptance as an e-pub ahead of print. It has kept a continuous publication schedule throughout the year.
4 Archiving
5 Copyright
6 Licensing This an open access journal. Articles are distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License (, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.
7 Publication ethics and related editorial policies Epidemiology and Health follows the Guideline on Good Publication of COPE ( and Recommendations of International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (
· Research and Publication Ethics:
· Editorial Policies:

The Editorial Board of Epidemiology and Health carefully examines whether all submitted manuscripts abide the ethical guidelines of ICMJE and COPE. The published articles should include the statements of conflict of interest, author's contribution, Institutional Review Board, informed consent, and human/animal rights.

When the journal faces suspected cases of research and publication misconduct such as a redundant (duplicate) publication, plagiarism, fabricated data, changes in authorship, undisclosed conflicts of interest, an ethical problem discovered with the submitted manuscript, a reviewer who has appropriated an author’s idea or data, complaints against editors, and other issues, the resolving process will follow the flowchart provided by COPE (
The Editorial Board of Epidemiology and Health will discuss the suspected cases and reach a decision. Epidemiology and Health will not hesitate to publish errata, corrigenda, clarifications, retractions, and apologies when needed.

8 Peer review Epidemiology and Health has an online submission and peer review system at
· Peer review process:
9 Access Epidemiology and Health is an open access journal. A free full-text service, both in XML and PDF formats, is available immediately upon publication without an embargo period.
10 Ownership and management This journal is owned by the publisher, Korean Society of Epidemiology ( The journal is managed by the Management Team.
· Ownership:
· Management team:
11 Advisory body The advisory body is the journal's editorial board.
12 Editorial team/contact information · Editorial team:
· Contact information:
13 Author fees
The APC for a full-length article is USD 800 (KRW 800,000). Discounted charge may be applied, if the corresponding author is a paid member of the Korean Society of Epidemiology.

Epidemiology and Health has special consideration for epidemiological research in developing countries. APC exemptions are available for papers submitted from developing countries. For APC exemption, the first and corresponding authors’ current affiliations should be in low, lower-middle, or upper-middle income countries (according to the lastest World Bank country classification by income level).

14 Other revenue Revenue sources of journal were from the support of publisher (Korean Society of Epidemiology), Korea Government’s support.
15 Advertising Epidemiology and Health does not accept any commercial product advertisements until policy changes otherwise.
16 Direct marketing Journal website( and Korean Society of Epidemiology’s blog (

Epidemiol Health : Epidemiology and Health