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Korean Journal of Epidemiology 2005;27(2): 80-94.
A Case-Control Study to Identify the Risk Factors of School Accidents.
Mi Young Ji, Young Sool Park, Sung Eun Yi
1Dongkwang Polytechnics Highschool, Korea.
2Department of Management and Accounting Informatics,Kwandong University, Korea.
3Department of Nursing Kwandong University, Korea.
The purpose of the study was to analyze the risk factors of school accidents. The study subjects were 408 students of a middle school in a municipal city. Among them, 204 students who met with an accident and received first-aid treatment in school health room at any time from March 2 to July 15, 1999, were selected as the school accident group. And the remaining 204 students were cases' matched control, who had never been experienced any school accident from elementary school days to July 15, 1999, For data collection, the structured questionnaire, and interview were adopted. The findings of this study were as below: There were significant differences personal and familial characteristics residential form(p=0.04); active disposition (p=0.02); impatient disposition(p=0.02); family environment(p=0.01); and father image(p=0.00), and the school life characteristics; achievement(p=0.00); observance of school order(p=0.00); school adjustment(p=0.00), the health characteristics; school health room(p=0.00); medical institute they usually used(p=0.00); sleeping hours(p=0.03); bath or shower(p=0.01); hand washing(p=0.04), and wearing glasses(p=0.02), and the characteristics of accident disposition; accident experience(p=0.00); the characteristics of accident disposition(p=0.00). Multiple logistic analysis were showed that religion, adaption to school life and school accomplishment were the significant predictors to school accident prevalence. To reduce school accident, accident-prevention program should be developed practically and concretely in consideration of student's personal characteristics. In addition, accident-prevention education should be implemented under the link between home and school, so that students could prevent accident for themselves.
Keywords: accident; middle school student; risk factor


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