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Korean Journal of Epidemiology 1981;3(1): 55-64.
재일 한국인에서의 암의 역학적 고찰
Epidemiology of cancer in Koreans in Japan
Yoon Shin Kim
Migrant studies can be seen to be important in distinguishing between the influences of genetic and environmental factors. An attempt was made to identify the patterns of cancer mortality in Koreans in Japan. Cancer mortality rates of Koreans in Japan in 1975 was examined comparing with those for Korea and Japan. In comparing with the death rates of cancer among Koreans in Japan and Korea, and Japanese, the rates of Koreans in Japan, however, tend to higher than those for Koreans in Korea and Japanese. Stomach cancer mortality showed commonly the highest rate among those of cancer sites in the two Korean populations and Japanese. The rate of stomach cancer mortality of Koreans in Japan while lower than those prevailing in Japan, still exceeded those of Koreans in Korea. In comparison of stomach cancer mortality among Koreans in Japan, China, and Korea, Koreans in Japan showed the highest rate followed by Koreans in China, and Korea. A review of other comparative studies between in home and host countries indicated that the only risk factors uniformly consistent with the stomach cancer mortality in the two countries were dietary factor. These results suggest that Koreans in Japan of high stomach cancer risk continue to display high rates for this site, influenced by the environmental changes introduced in Japan and that the modification of characteristic dietary customs and habits of Koreans in Japan might be one of the factors responsible for this situation. An epidemiological study of cancer in Korean migrants in Japan compared with Koreans living in Korea provided the opportunity to study factors possibly responsible for the high rates in Japan as compared with Korea.


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