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Korean Journal of Epidemiology 1980;2(1): 43-52.
1980년 콜레라 유행과 방역사업
김정순, 정호근, 오희철, 조우현, 김병익
A report on epidemiologic characteristics of 1980 cholera epidemic occurred in Korea
J.S Kim, H.K Chung, H.C Oh, W.H Cho, B.Y Kim
Upon an outbreak of cholera in Jheonnam area, 1980, five members of the epidemiologic survey team were dispatched to the area by the Ministry of Health & Social Affaires in order to provide epidemiologic consultation to the local surveillance team for more effient control measures. This paper is prepared by the team based on the experiences obtained in the fields and data collected from the hospitalized patients, which is considered to be valuable to share with those responsible collegues for the future. The major findings summarized are as follows : 1. The epidemiologic characteristics of the 1980 cholera epidemic, for instance the patten of spread, clinical pictures, distribution of cases by age and sex, secondary attack rate, rate of inapparent infection, fatality rate, and incubation period, were quite similar to that of previous El Tor cholera epidemics. The only difference was that the serotype of this epidemic was Inaba instead of Ogawa type, which had been the only serotype for all the previous epidemics in Korea. 2. Many problems that hindered an efficient prevention of the spread were analysed and discussed in detail;problems involved in reporting system, follow-up management of reported cases, delayed financial support from the central government, out-dated epidemiolgic investigation, inconsistent policy for isolation and quarantine etc. 3. Recommendations to the government including the proposal that well trained epidemiologist should be posted to each institute of health and laboratory (Provinces and cities) were made.


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