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Korean Journal of Epidemiology 1988;10(1): 102-108.
무연탄 저탄장 인근 주민에서의 진폐증 발생
정해관, 임현술, 조정진, 변재준, 안용태, 윤엽, 임정기
Development of pneumoconiosis among inhabitants around a briquet factory: a case report
Hae Kwan Cheong, Hyun Sul Lim, Jung Jin Cho, Jae Jun Byeon, Yong Tae Ahn, Yup Yoon, Jung Gi Im
In 1987, Chang and collegues reported a case of biopsy proven anthracosis developed in a housewife living around a briquet factory in Seoul. It was suggested that her anthracosis was a result of long-term environmental exposure to coal dust from the factory and coal storage site of 700 meters distance from her house. The possibility of development of anthracosis due to environmental exposure was debated but of further cases was strongly suggested. Authors examed 87 persons living within 1km distance from the factory to detect the additional cases of pneumoconiosis. The exam consisted general informations including occupational exposure to dust, medical history on chronic illness including respiratory illness, physical exam by physicians and chest PA. Chest films were interpreted by two chest radiologists independently without giving prior information about each case. Each interpretation was compared and only those that both radiologists concommitantly interpreted as pneumoconiosis were accepted as cases. Result of interpretation was evaluated with clinical information taken by physicians. Three cases of pneumoconiosis and 3 cases of suspects were found. 1. Of 3 cases of pneumoconiosis, the first case, 45 years old female, was index case already diagnosed by Chang et al. Another one, 49 years old male, has been employed in the briquet factory in that area for 10 years. Another one, 38 years old male, living in that area for 7 years without previous history of dust exposure, was supposed to be developed the disease after environmental exposure to coal dust. 2. Of 3 cases of suspects, a case, 62 years old male, had 15 years of occupational exposure to coal dust. Another two cases, 63 years old females, had no occupational history but each had medical history of diabetes and chronic obstructive lung disease.


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