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Korean Journal of Epidemiology 1988;10(1): 92-101.
온천도시 및 그 위성 농촌에 발생한 장티푸스 유행의 역학적 특성
김정순, 허용, 이성수, 이덕형, 손건영, 이성우
An epidemiological investigation of typhoid fever outbreaks in a hot spring resort town and its satellite rural villages
Joung Soon Kim, Yong Heo, Sung Soo Lee, Duk Hyoung Lee, Kun Young Shon, Sung Woo Lee
An epidemiological investigation was carried out to identify source of infection and mode of transmission of typhoid fever outbreak, which has occurred in a hot spring resort town and its satellite rural villages from the begining of the march 1988. The investigation was carried out for two days, April 16th and 17th, on hospitalized patients and the villages where confirmed cases had been reported. The results obtained are as followings: 1. The S. Typhi isolated from 47 patients were all the same phage type that was untypable phage Type. 2. The incidence rate of typhoid fever among surveyed population, the populations belong to the same Ban (about 20-50 households) of the patients re¬ported, was 13.2% in hot spring resort town and 9.8% for the satellite villagers. 3. The incidence showed no difference between male and female population as a whole although for the age groups of 0-9 years old and 10-19 years old the incindence rates were much higher among males, and for the age groups of 20-29 years old, 30-39 years, and 40-49 years the rates were higher among females; for the age group of 20-29 years, female’s rate was as high as 5 times of males. The lowest rate was found among older ages. 4. The study results suggested that the source of infection was primarily water supply contaminated by sewage; the central water supply has been under repair for replacement of broken pipes almost for a month, from the end of February and the begining of April, in on and off fashion. Supportive data are presented in the text.


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