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Korean Journal of Epidemiology 1991;13(1): 33-51.
Diet and stomach cancer: a case-control study in Korea.
Hyun Kyung Moon
The relation between diet and stomach cancer was examined in a case-control study in Korea. A total of 56 cases were identified at the National Medical Center and 140 controls were selected out at the Chung-Nam province between July 1988 and Nov. 1988. Dietary intake was measured by the quantitative food frequencey questionnaire and recall method. The frequency of intake for each food items and usual daily intake of each nutrients were determined for the subject. The mean intake of energy, protein, carbohydrate, iro, vitamin A, thiamin and niacin was lower for cases than for controls(P<0.05). The odds ratio for the lower intake of iron than the level of the recommended dietary allowances(RDA) was 11.4(95% confidence interval(CI) 5.4 - 22.6). The corresponding odds ratios were 4.8(95% CI 2.4 - 9.2) for vitamin A, 4.1(95% CI 1.6 - 9.3) for thiamin and 6.2(95% CI 1.9 - 8.2) for niacin. The mean frequency of intake for smoked meat, coffee and alcohol was lower for controls than for cases (P<0.05). The odds ratio for the highest quartile of coffee was 1.9(95% CI 1.0 - 3.7) and of alcohol was 1.9(95% CI 1.0 - 3.7). Assessment of the interrelations between diet and stomach cancer suggest that the lower intake of nutrients than RDA specially iron and the intake of alcohol and coffee may contribute to the risk of stomach cancer in Korea.


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