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Korean Journal of Epidemiology 1986;8(1): 11-22.
일부 농촌지역 주민의 자궁경부암에 대한 관심도 및 집단검진에 관한 연구
이경희, 최수용, 윤택구
A study on concern with cervical cancer and attitudes toward a screening examination among rural Koreans
Kyung Hee Lee, Soo Young Chi, Taik Koo Yun
A survey was carried out during the period from October to November of 1985 to obtain information on concern with cancer and its symptom, attitudes toward a screening examination and demographic and socioeconomic aspects in the decision to the screening. Interviewed were 1,355 married women who participated in the screening examination and 278 married women selected by simple random sampling in Yangju-Gun, Gyounggi-Do. The results summarized are as followings: 1) Among the population tested, 1,351 women (99.7%) was negative, 2 positive and 2 dysplasia. 2) The participants in the screening examination tended to be younger, better educated and better economic status than the nonparticipants. 3) Fifty-two percent of the participants and 33.6 percent of the nonparticipants reported that there had been times when they wondered if they had cervical cancer. 4) The participants tended to report more symptoms of cervical cancer than the nonparticipants. 5) There was general agreements among the paricipants and the nonparticipants on “Pap tests should be taken every year” and “If caught in its early stages, cervical cancer can be cured”. 6) Among the population studied 25% had been tested. The proportion tested was 27% in the partticipants and 15% in the nonparticipants respectively. 7) Proportions of women tested less than two years, between two and four years ago and more than 4 years were 14%, 8% and 3% respectively. 8) The proportion not tested in the past five years was 72% in the participants and 84% in the nonparticipants respectively. Proportions of women tested only once, twice and three or more were 23%, 2% and 1% in the participants, and 14%, 1% and 3% in the nonparticipants.


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