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Korean Journal of Epidemiology 1981;3(1): 37-43.
강화지역의 일반성인 인구를 대상으로 한 고혈압의 위험요인 연구
김일순, 서일, 오희철, 이용호, 오대규
Study of risk factors for hypertension in a rural adult population
Il Soon Kim, Il Suh, Hee Chul Oh, Yong Ho Lee, Dae Kyu Oh
Arterial blood pressures, height, weight, skinfold thickness, blood pressure, 2 lead ECG, serum cholesterol of 1169 voluntary participants whose age were between 40-64 were examined in a rural community Korea in order to identify risk factors in developing CVD. The influences of 19 enables on the blood pressure were examined and their independent association with blood pressure was analyzed by means of multiple regression analysis. The most important factors influencing both systolic and diastolic blood pressure were: age, weight, height and cholesterol. The following factors were identified significantly correlated with blood pressure: pulse rate, hemoglobin and triglyceride. All 19 variables including modified variable from weight, height and age (Ponderal index, Quetelet index, age2, age3, weight2, weight3) could explain 14.4% of total variation of systolic blood pressure and 20.5% of total variation of diastolic blood pressure. Among 25 variables the most important factors influencing systolic blood pressure were: Ponderai index, age, Quetelet index, cholesterol and pulse rate. With these 5 variables 13% of total variation of systolic blood pressure could be explained. The most important factors influencing diastolic blood pressure were: weight, cholesterol, ponderal index, hemoglobin and triglyceride. With these 5 variables 16% of total variation of diastolic blood pressure could be explained.


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