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Korean Journal of Epidemiology 1980;2(1): 89-96.
농촌지역에서 발생한 설사증 유행에 관한 역학적 조사
A survey on two epidemics of diarrheal disease in a rural area of Korea
Hyun Sul Lim
In July and August, 1980, two epidemics of dierrheal disease were occurred in a rural area of Korea. In order to characterize these epidemics epidemiologically, including causative agent and the mode of transmission, a field investigations were conducted during the out-breaks by household interview, collection and examination of specimens Obtained results and findings from these studies are summarized as follows; 1. Incidence rate in studied population was 34.4% for all population. Age specific incidence rate of 5-9 year age group, however, was extremely high as 80.0%. Incidence rate by sex was not significantly different. 2. These illnesses were clinically characterized by watery dierrhea(100.0%), mucoid diarrhea (90.9%), fever(72.7%), headache(54.5%), and chill(54.5%). 3. Shigella Sonnei was isolated by microbiological examination. 4. The mode of transmission was not clearly confirmed although the spring (1) was strongly suspected being common vehicle according to the result of the epidemiologic study. 1. Incidence rate for the studied population was 55.6%. Incidence rate of female was significantly higher (61.0%) than males Incidence rate by age was not significantly different. 2. These illnesses were clinically characterized by watery diarrhea (100.0%), tenesmus(60.0%), abdominal pain(47.5%), and mucoid diarrhea(40.0%). 3. Incidence rate was 66.0% in population using simple piped water supply system (1) only, but 26.3% in population using both simple piped water supply system (1) and (2). Therefore, simple piped water supply system (1) perhaps has played an important role in this epidemic as common vehicle. 4. Detailed mode of infection was not clearly identified.


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