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Korean Journal of Epidemiology 1995;17(1): 48-63.
Relationship of health status and health practices.
Il Suh, Soon Young Lee
The purpose of this study was to examine the health behaviors (such as smoking, alcohol consumption, exercise, duration of sleep, body weight, eating habit of breakfast and snack) affecting self-perceived health status, and to determine the relationships. RESEARCH
This study utilized the data from Korean National Health Survey (KNHS) in 1992. The data consisted of random sample of 2,799 individuals (1,304 male and 1,495 females) whose ages were between 20 and 59. The analytic methods for the study were chi square analysis, logistic regression.
The results of the study were as follows : (1) There was a negative relationship between duration of smoking and health status in linear pattern; (2) The frequency of alcohol drinking had a significant relationship with health status in quadratic pattern. That is, the health status of moderate drinkers was better than that of non-drinkers and heavy drinkers; (3) There was no significant relationship between the frequency of exercise and the health status. But in further analysis, the relationship between them was positive in linear pattern. That is, the health status of daily exercisers was better than that of the others; (4) Duration of sleep significantly influenced the health status in quadratic pattern. That is, the persons who sleep for 7-8 hours per day were better than that of the others; (5) The health status of persons with normal body weight was higher than that of persons with underweight or overweight; (6) Eating breakfast or not did not influence the health status, and taking snack or not influenced the health status; (7) In mutivariate analysis, The younger the persons were and the longer the level of education was, the higher the health status was in both male and female. In female, the higher the economic status was, the higher the health status was. And the smoking and the weight status significantly and independently influenced the health status in both male and female. And in male, the moderate drinking positively influenced the health status.
History of no smoking, moderate alcohol consumption, regular exercise, 7-8 hours sleeping and maintaining the normal body weight were health-promotive behaviors. And especially no smoking, moderate drinking and maintaing the normal body weight singnificantly influenced the self perceived health status.


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