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Sang Hui Chu 1 Article
The Korean social life, health and aging project-health examination cohort
Ju-Mi Lee, Won Joon Lee, Hyeon Chang Kim, Wungrak Choi, Jina Lee, Kiho Sung, Sang Hui Chu, Yeong-Ran Park, Yoosik Youm
Epidemiol Health. 2014;36:e2014003.   Published online May 13, 2014
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The Korean Social Life, Health, and Aging Project (KSHAP) is a population-based longitudinal study of health determinants among elderly Koreans. The target population of the KSHAP are people aged 60 years or older and their spouses living in a rural community of Korea. A complete enumeration survey was conducted in the first wave of the KSHAP on 94.7% (814 of 860) of the target population between December 2011 and July 2012. The KSHAP-Health Examination (KSHAP-HE) cohort consists of 698 people who completed additional health examinations at a public health center (n=533) or at their home (n=165). Face-to-face questionnaires were used to interview participants on their demographics, social network characteristics, medical history, health behaviors, cognitive function, and depression symptoms. Health center examinations included anthropometric measures, body impedance analysis, resting blood pressure measurement, radial artery tonometry, bone densitometry, the timed up-and-go test, and fasting blood analysis. However, only anthropometric measures, blood pressure measurement, and non-fasting blood analysis were available for home health examinations. Collaboration is encouraged and access to the KSHAP baseline data will be available via the website of the Korean Social Science Data Archive (
Korean summary
한국인의 사회적 삶, 건강과 노화에 대한 조사(Korean Social Life, Health, and Aging Project, KSHAP) 연구는 노인 건강의 사회적 결정요인과 그 상호작용을 평가하는 것을 목적으로 한다. 이를 위하여 사회연결망분석(social network analysis) 기법을 도입하였다. 사회연결망분석은 개인간의 관계를 네트워크로 파악하는 개념으로, 본 연구에서는 지역사회 전체의 사회연결망 안에서 개인의 특성 및 개인간 상호작용의 특성이 신체적 정신적 건강에 미치는 영향을 연구하고자 한다. 대상인구집단은 인천광역시 강화군 일개 면 지역의 60세 이상 인구 및 그 배우자이며, 전체 860명의 모집단에서 814명(94.7%)의 건강면접조사 및 사회연결망 분석을 완료하였으며, 이 가운데 보건지소(533명) 또는 가정(165명)에서 추가 건강검진을 수행한 698명을 대상으로 KSHAP-Health Examination (KSHAP-HE) 코호트를 구축하였다.


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Epidemiol Health : Epidemiology and Health