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Ji-Yeon Shin 1 Article
Trends in the prevalence and management of diabetes in Korea: 2007-2017
Ji-Yeon Shin
Epidemiol Health. 2019;41:e2019029.   Published online July 4, 2019
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This study analyzed Korea National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey data from 2007 to 2017 to assess trends in the prevalence, treatment, and control of diabetes in Korean adults ≥30 years of age.
Prevalent diabetes was defined as a fasting plasma glucose level ≥126 mg/dL, self-reported use of anti-diabetic treatment (insulin or oral anti-diabetic drugs), or diabetes diagnosis by a physician. Target levels were defined as glycosylated hemoglobin <6.5% or <7.0%, blood pressure <130/80 mmHg, and total cholesterol <200 mg/dL. All survey waves were age-standardized to the 2005 Korean census population.
Diabetes prevalence increased from 9.6% in 2007-2009 to 10.8% in 2016-2017 (p<0.001). Impaired fasting glucose prevalence significantly increased in both genders and almost every age group. Diabetes awareness and glycemic control did not show an increasing trend; however, the treatment rate and proportion of people diagnosed with diabetes achieving target blood pressure and total cholesterol levels improved from 57.2% to 63.5% (p=0.008), from 41.1% to 53.2% (p<0.001), and from 65.0% to 78.0% (p<0.001), respectively.
From 2007 to 2017, the prevalence of diabetes increased moderately in Korea, whereas the diabetes treatment rate and the proportion of people diagnosed with diabetes achieving target blood pressure and total cholesterol levels improved. However, awareness of diabetes and glycemic control require significant improvements. A national-level action plan is required to raise awareness about diabetes and prediabetes, with the goal of improving glycemic control and minimizing the occurrence of adverse health outcomes.
Korean summary
지난 2007년-2017년 동안 우리나라 30세 이상 성인의 당뇨병 유병률은 소폭 증가하였으며, 당뇨환자의 치료율, 혈압 조절율, 총콜레스테롤 조절율은 증가 추세를 보였다. 그러나 당뇨병 인지율과 당뇨 환자의 혈당 조절율은 현재의 추세대로라면 Health Plan 2020의 목표치를 달성하기 어려울 것으로 보이며, 개선이 필요하다.
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Epidemiol Health : Epidemiology and Health